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Crocodile Rock: 10 Silly Poems for Kids (Vol.1) by Tom Skinner (Author), Andreea Mironiuc (Illustrator)

#kindlekids – Looking for some a great way to connect with your kids? Have you tried Poems? This is a great collection of simple poems that will keep your kids attention and ask them to keep reading to them.

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5!
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Rockin’ Rhymes
Hugely entertaining rhymes for kids who love quirky ideas, talk to their knees, and try to push jelly uphill…as you do! Brilliant cover and comic illustrations, as well as a clear audio track, enticing kids to shout,clap,stomp or dance along to the poems. Short, easily remembered and a visually stimulating, the poems would also appeal to parents and teachers who want children to experiment with the comic side of life and language,and enjoy it!

Grab Your Copy Here: (US | UK | DE | FR )


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