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How (Not) to Kiss Your Dog

Time to Laugh .. This is a great book and one that will keep you slapping your knee all the way through.


How (NOT) to Kiss Your Dog is told from the point of view of twelve year old Jenny. After her brother Jack adopts Albert, a Jack Russell terrier, Jenny’s calm life becomes terrier-ized. The story details the friendship that eventually develops between Jenny and Albert as he widens her world to include a variety of new people and experiences.

How (NOT) to Kiss Your Dog contains humor, youthful romance and dog spit. Combine those elements with an eccentric grandmother, the second witch from Macbeth and a wild tongued terrier. Shake well. The result is an award winning science fair experiment that finally answers the age old dog vs. human oral hygiene question: “Are dogs’ mouths really cleaner than humans’?”

What reviewers have said:

***** I love Albert. I can’t wait for the next book! – A.S.

***** I laughed so hard, I peed on the carpet! – K.9

***** Howling good fun! – D.R.

***** I loved it! And I don’t even like dogs – S.D.


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