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How to Enjoy Meat, Fish and Seafood Superfoods for Health – Benefits of Including Nutrient Dense Meats, Fish and Seafood in Your Diet by Victoria Lancer

Christmas is here and what better way to start thinking about the season that a wonderful Christmas story? This book takes you through a great story about what Christmas really is.

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Reviews: 4.8 out of 5.0!
What others are saying:

Great for fining quality meat
This book is a great guide for what to look for and what to avoid when selecting what meat to add to your diet. It explains clearly what separates super food from average food, and has plenty of resources for recipes and such. I’d have liked to see recipes in the book, but otherwise I thought it was good.

Super Book on Superfoods!
This is a great resource for eating healthy. There is a lot of useful information here. I especially like that it is focused on meat and fish. I find this is often overlooked in most books on superfoods.
Incredible Research Done For Us!
This author has compiled such a rich content of ‘superfoods’ I had no idea how to combine before now. The ease of using this book is remarkable as the foods are alphabetized for the reader. I’m really happy to find this book and be able to refer to it as often as I can to create a menu that’s healthy and delicious.

I love that the author has included all the health benefits of each food described. I personally have never found all this information in one place until now. It makes it easy for the reader to identify ‘organic’ v. ‘natural’ on food labels. There truly is a big difference. Thanks, too, for the amazing amount of recipes included.


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