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Mr. NYC (The City Book 1)



I did something extremely stupid Saturday night that may or may not have involved a lap dance…

And my sexier than sin boss.

Okay, so it wasn’t a lap dance per se, but it was close enough and the incident in question happened at, of all events, his birthday party. His frickin’ BIRTHDAY PARTY, which so happened to be in front of pretty much all our co-workers. Yep, I did that. I freaking did that and, yeah, I totally made a fool of myself. I’d been more than wasted, even more so not in my right mind before the event occurred. So, when Dorian asked me to his office the following Monday morning, I thought that was it. I was getting my box to fill with personal items from my desk and I’d be done working at his company. Never in a million years did I think he’d find my little “show” flattering…

Or touch me in ways I’d only fantasized about.


She gave me exactly what I needed that night.

Hot and incredibly sexy, Elena Parks had spent more than a few occasions bent over my desk in my imagination. After that teasing performance of hers Saturday night, she solidified one fact: those visions of her in my office would come to fruition. The woman had been mine since the day her resume landed on my desk and she herself was the only one who didn’t know it. Well, she was about to find out everything and, by the end, there’d be no going back.

For either of us.

Dorian Taylor is Mr. NYC. He’s no holds barred. He’s filthy and has no problem treating a lady right long into the night. If dirty alphas and lustfully-in-love romances are your thing, then Mr. NYC is here for you. There’s no BS here. Just a hot New Yorker looking to please his leading lady. There will be instalust. There will be naughty love and, at the end, a happily-ever-after with no cliffhanger. This short work can be read as a standalone, but is book one of “The City” series.


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