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The Dialogues of Adolph and Mavelia And Other Sketches by E.A. Merodach

Are you ready to bend your mind around the Dialogues of Adolph and Mavelia, is a fictional depiction of a conversation between Adolph Hitler and a supernatural character, or devil, recognized as Mavelia? This story will entertain and keep you reading until the very end.

Rating 5.0 out of 5.0 Stars!


A welcome difference in a bland world of writing June 30, 2009
By Steven-V
This book made its way into my hands by chance(?), and I even read it unintentionally. I have never been religious, and so I naturally tend to stay away from titles that explore such topics, however, this obscure book has really taken a toll on my train of thought. As the author puts it, “The Dialogues of Adolph and Mavelia and other sketches was written in the spirit of literature and so intended to be interpretive to the adult Christian and Non-Christian reader alike”, and I representing the later, give this book its due praise, it is unlike any fiction title out there.

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