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The Three Gifts by Daris Howard

Christmas is here and what better way to start thinking about the season that a wonderful Christmas story? This book takes you through a great story about what Christmas really is.

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Reviews: 5.0 out of 5.0!
What others are saying:

Get a hankie ready, this is good
Read this and when finished was very much needing a kleenex. Great Book, would recommend this to everyone. All of Daris’ books are good.

Very Good
I was very impressed with this book, it appeals to both adults and young people. A wonderful Christmas story of boys going from being selfish to being boys willing to sacrifice what they care about most to help another. There is humor, there is warmth, there is joy. If you want a good story that will warm you on a winters night or a sad day, this is the book for you!

A judge that sees more than the ‘crime’
When some young ‘toughs’ are caught and go before the judge. And she wants to heal them -or at least give them a chance to see beyond themselves. So she orders them to work in a nursery /day care for children. I hope you like hopeful stories, because this is one.

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