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Treasure of Saint-Lazare: A Novel of Paris


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Romantic Paris. Dangerous Paris. Paris of dark history. Long tentacles reaching out from the Nazi past force Eddie Grant and the people he loves into a dangerous quest to find the most valuable art treasure still missing since the end of World War II — and give him a slim chance to locate the terrorists who murdered his family seven years before.

Jen Wetzmuller, the ravishing daughter of his father’s World War II colleague in the Monuments Men, arrives from Florida with a letter she discovered among her father’s papers after a mysterious black car ran him down, then disappeared without a trace.

Its clues are cryptic, but enough to take Eddie from his comfortable Paris home to Florida, where all the skills he learned as a Special Forces officer are barely enough to escape with his life. The new facts he and Jen uncover lead him back to Paris and the Loire Valley to burrow deep into the darkest memories of the German Occupation. Along the way, he and Jen restart the brief but fiercely passionate affair that he abandoned, to his regret, 20 years before.

Most of all, Treasure of Saint-Lazare is a novel about Paris.

Chosen the top historical mystery of 2014 by Readers’ Favorite


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