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Venus Rising


Biophages, an emerging technology. Programmed nano miracles that tweak DNA, manipulate cells, create changes to appearance and physique. But radical applications have been branded a capital offense, and some want it banned altogether.

Linda developed a cutting-edge code to make virtually any change possible with the nanomachines. Her mentor will let nothing stand in the way of his exploitation of the technique.

Beauty may be skin deep but evil is to the bone. Will it take a monster to fight the monster he has become?

From SFF Review:

“The final story of the issue is by Christopher Holliday, whom many writers will know from his work on The Market List…The descriptions are fine, the actions clear, and the dialogue real and spare…Holliday takes us from the first action back to the beginning of the conflict and back up to the present again in a seamless narrative.”

Christopher Holliday’s near-future thriller explores nanotechnology, shape shifting and what is it means in a world of ever evolving technology to truly remain human.

Originally published in Aberrations science fiction and fantasy magazine.


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