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Winged Lion of Babylon

Great New Sci-Fi Romance.

“First Lieutentant Marc Lucas rode bouncing in the right front seat of the Humvee, a military map in his hand.He was delivering Intelligence Reports from the Third Ranger Battalion S-2 (Intelligence) to the 711th Signal Battalion for secure transmission to Washington, DC.”

“Marc was something of a history buff and the idea of driving up the Processional Way through the Ishtar Gate filled him with awe.”

…..”He felt soft, small hands stroking his chest and his flanks. They were getting uncomfortably close to his exposed midsection and he moved his hands to the awakening symbol of his gender for modesty’s sake.”

“The order to execute came and the aircraft were pushed from the hangars…in minutes they were in the air flying nap of the earth, beneath radar.”

Do you like a good adventure, a little eroticism, and lots of military covert action? Then this is the book for you!!! Follow the adventure of Lt. Marc Lucas as he receives and use the Gift of Ishtar.

This great book has received 4 5 star ratings. Check out what people are saying about this great kindle book.

This was a pretty impressive novel that really holds your interest all the way through. The story picks up right away and never lets up. You get a great blend of science fiction, action adventure, military, and eroticism. The characters are very well put together and easy to connect with, really allowing you to get lost in the story and have a lot of fun. The pacing is excellent too. There are very few slow points in the story and you’re never quite sure where the plot is going to go next. I would recommend it to any fan of the action/sci-fi genre.
This is a great science fiction read, and I’m very happy to have found a new favorite author. Futuristic military actions mixed with historical relics and sites makes for an enjoyable read on their own, add in a small amount of humor and an occasional erotic encounter and a new breed of book is born. The action never stops in this book and the plot is written in a manner that keeps your eyes glued to the page. The snipers, covert operations and military coordination are very realistic but yet still fit into the future world. A highly recommended read for sci-fi and action lovers alike.
The way fiction blended with fact was tactful and desired to be
believable. Enjoyable reading for anyone who is in Special Forces or a
Ranger Bat. I couldn’t help but take a liking to the main character and
found difficult to put the book away for long. One of the few books I
have read that is worthy of a sequel.
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